A Moment With Mahogany

I have nothing against dark wood, I love the beauty of it and have bits and pieces in dark wood scattered through my house amongst the white and painted furniture…..but in this post I wanted to share a transformation of some dark wood cabinets as I often get asked about how to strip back/paint this type of wood stain etc.  As many of you know Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is my paint of choice for painting furniture and there are very few surfaces that you need to prep in order to use this paint (that’s half the appeal!) However old dark stained wood can sometimes be problematic and seep through the paint.  So, the answer I’ve found that works really well is to use aluminium primer.  You could use normal 123 white primer but I’ve found I need a couple of coats of it, whereas aluminium primer does the job in one coat.  

With these particular cabinets, I took the doors off, primed with aluminium primer and then mixed Annie Sloan Aubusson with some Annie Sloan Old White to get a stunning denim blue colour.  These cabinets are in our playroom/study so we wanted a “playful” and bright look and I’m really pleased with the result. 

I’m really getting into mixing the paint colours now as there is a whole world of colours beyond the   colour “straight from the tin”.  Annie has a new book out which we’ve got in stock now, called Colour Recipes For Painted Furniture and it has some fabulous ideas if you need some further inspiration.

Just start mixing and see where it takes you…!ImageImage

2 thoughts on “A Moment With Mahogany

  1. They look fab in that colour, gives them new life I think, I’m not a fan of dark wood either. is the aluminium primer an Annie sloan product, or from a diy store?

    • Hi Samantha, aluminium primer is not an Annie Sloan product, you need to get it for a paint shop or DIY store. You need to get a stick and really mix it from the bottom as it needs to be well mixed.

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