My Favourite Shade of Grey



It’s been a while since I last had the chance to post anything on here…some of you will have seen that we have been busy moving our clothes (previously in Pebble Boutique) across and into our other shop – Pebble Home. That’s all done now so we have our clothes and home goodies all under one roof!

During that time, I’ve also been busy with other creative bits and pieces, as we’ve also been putting the finishing touches to our own house renovation. So, now time to start sharing…and first, how to add a bit of colour and character to your old outside furniture.

I’ve had this table and chairs for years, carting it round with me each time I’ve moved house. Inspired by Annie Sloan Chalk PaintTM, it was now time to turn this textiline / whicker collection into something more interesting!

Paris Grey was the colour of choice and really, it was nothing more complicated than giving it all a light paint. Isn’t that why we all love Annie Sloan Chalk PaintTM so much?! I didn’t wax it and it’s since endured plenty of sunshine and rain and still looks great!

I wanted to paint it lightly, to allow the original colour to come through. So I purposely wasn’t particularly careful with the painting, just doing enough to get a decent covering. The texture of the chairs gave a natural bit of character anyway, and together with the colour, this has really turned out well.

The final touch was to add an extra bit of colour with this red and white Cabbages & Roses fabric.

The FINAL touch is to add sunshine, friends and some bubbly!! Enjoy! x


2 thoughts on “My Favourite Shade of Grey

  1. Hi Clare, just a quick question; I noticed in Gallery this month that you have a stokke highchair. I have one for my daughter but I did not choose the best colour, and would really like to repaint it. Do you think this is possible with annie sloan paint? x
    PS-your home looks wonderful!

    • Hi Natalie, yes Annie Sloan paint would be an easy way to transform your Stokke chair. You would need to wax it after you’d painted is as,if it’s anything like ours, it gets plenty of use, and the wax will give it some durability and enable you to clean it properly. xx

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